ReServe's mission is to enhance the lives of older adults and strengthen their communities. We accomplish our mission by matching "continuing professionals 55+" with rewarding part-time service assignments at nonprofit organizations and public institutions in order to strengthen their communities while earning a modest stipend.

ReServe works with partners from a wide range of nonprofit organizations and public institutions. We recruit ReServists from their communities with the skills and motivation to help them stay on mission. ReServe offers continuing professionals age 55+ a variety of part-time, flexible assignments. Most work 10-20 hours a week and can choose ongoing assignments or short-term projects.

The hourly stipend that partner organizations pay their ReServists guarantees that both parties take the work seriously. It ensures that a ReServist’s assignment is critical to the success of the agency and that it will be filled by someone with a disciplined, professional mindset.

Flexibility is key. In return for a modest stipend, ReServists can work a flexible schedule. Partner organizations can also adjust the schedule to meet their changing needs. Although partner organizations pay the stipend, ReServists are actually on the payroll of a third party employer of record.

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"To me, the greatest benefit of ReServe was finding a pool of resources that we couldn't duplicate within our office and would never had had the financial wherewithal to hire outright."

-- Karen Freedman, Lawyers for Children