Many Ways to Use ReServe

ReServe matches nonprofits and public agencies (Partners) with continuing professionals age 55+ (ReServists), eager to use their skills, experience, and talents for the greater good. Assignments range from time-limited projects that allow ReServists maximum flexibility and require them to hit the ground running, to longer term or ongoing assignments that involve training, require greater time commitments and may help ReServists chart new careers. Most ReServists work in one of two types of positions:

  • Give Back, Fill the Gap: ReServists use their professional experience and passion to help agencies stay on mission. Give Back, Fill the Gap opportunities require specific skill sets. Opportunities can be short-term or ongoing.
  • Impact Initiatives: ReServe marshals the power of ReServists from varied professional backgrounds to help solve big social problems. They receive training to do work that often involves direct service. These opportunities require specific - and usually significant - time commitments from Partners and ReServists.
  • AmeriCorps Initiatives: ReServe has partnered with AmeriCorps, a civic engagement program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, to create more than 100 AmeriCorps ReServist direct-service opportunities in New York City and Miami, Florida.
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“Nothing beats seeing the smile on the faces of students when they bring you their college acceptance letter."
--Barbara Gieseler, AmeriCorps ReServist, READY College Coach


“Having an adult go all the way for them means a lot to these kids. They don't always have someone to do that for them."
--Arnold Gordon, AmeriCorps ReServist, Success Mentor